Post surgery pain of any type of surgery- orthopedic, internal, laparoscopy, gynecological, c-section, plastic, cosmetic, general, neurosurgery etc..

Initial Consultation- Free

Each Treatment- $85


Endometriosis Program-

Initial and second consultations- $150 total (includes Naturopathic consultation and evaluation of your condition)

Each Treatment- $85

Herbal formulas and extracts- Prices vary depending on type

Homeopathic remedies- $15

Homeopathic cream- $20


Pelvic Pain and Post Surgery pain, Adhesion Pain-

Initial Consultation- Free

Each Treatment- $85


Money Back Guarantee for Endometriosis, Pelvic Pain and Post Surgery Adhesion pain treatments-

There are a small percentage of women we can't help. If you don't experience ANY improvement in your symptoms after the third treatment we are happy to refund the money paid for the first two treatments*. We know we are not obliged to do this but we want you to feel comfortable to commit to the course of therapy. 


*The refund is only offered for the first two treatments. Refunds will not be given for the initial consultation, naturopathic consultation, herbs/supplements or any treatments after the second treatment.


We are registered with most health funds.