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If you have chronic pain/neuropathy-

this website is for you.

Experience amazing results. 80% to 100% success rate for most chronic pain cases taking between 6 and 8 treatments.

Alternative to physiotherapy.


Do you still have chronic pain,  neuropathy, numbness, weakness, burning or pins & needles in your fingers, hands, legs or feet after surgery or from an injury? 


Experts in treating chronic pain, neuropathy, post surgery chronic pain, injuries, endometriosis/pelvic pain and pain from radiation/chemotherapy cancer treatments.


We use a gentle manual technique that is similar to Bowen Therapy to stimulate the connection between the brain and the nerve pathways. It is completely unique and different to all other conventional therapies. We also use a combination of Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, and Naturopathy when necessary.


We specialize in pain ranging from 3 months to 50+ years, chronic or acute, pain cases that have tried all types of therapies, such as guided injections, prolotherapy, medications and got no results. We treat any type of pain, neuropathy with great results in a short time.


Normally these nerve related symptoms, neuropathy can take months or years to improve and sometimes they don’t improve at all.  


Compared to many other conventional therapies our results are extremely fast. This means you get better back to normal life very fast and it won’t cost you a fortune.


If there are little or no results after the second or third treatment we will discontinue the therapy. We do this so you/we don't waste your time and money. This happens in about 10% of cases. 


Eliminate pain   of any type.      Get back to your normal life fast.