Our Therapy

Chronic pain relief for post surgery, injuries and spinal or disc problems.
Fast results for chronic pain, numbness and weakness using our method.

Our Method


We have been researching pain control for decades using natural techniques, such as acupuncture, manual therapy, bowen therapy and naturopathy and discovered a combination of methods that has very effective control and powerful regulation over neurological disturbances, that create chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, weakness, stiffness, numbness and loss of function. What type of pain we treat ? We treat any type of pain, peripheral neuropathy, ranging from 3 months to 50 years severe or chronic pain, acute, any type of pain. Pain, neuropathy that is not responding to any other therapy or injections, medications etc... in 10 visits or less.

We have found that many professions that work with pain problems of the upper and lower extremities have long protocols that take many months, and visits to get results and many times there are not much results. In chronic, difficult cases, either you understand and can control pain or you don't, we cannot use standard thinking approach and expect to get results in the field of chronic cases.


Many other therapies forget that before strengthening any muscles to create function in the problem area, the nerves need to be regulated FIRST. We see the many symptoms including pain,neuropathy, numbness and weakness as ‘glitches’ in the way the nerve system is working in the problem area. We use a combination of acupuncture, bowen therapy, manual therapy and naturopathy to get the best pain control.


By regulating the nerves, the symptoms that are caused by the dys-regulation of the nerves- pain,peripheral neuropathy, numbness, burning sensation, weakness etc. will disappear and then healing can continue in the problem area. The results using this approach are much faster than conventional pain clinic therapies such as injection therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic and many other therapies. Before you see someone for therapy, you should ask for their percentage of results in cases such as yours, if the results will last, and how many treatments are required.  Many are offering no percentages of results,and an enourmous amount of therapy with no real expectation,hoping for the best.


Effective and fast method of treating spinal, disc, joint and neck problems. Alternative to physiotherapy.
Regulation of the nerves through gentle stimulation, manual techniques and acupuncture.

How we do it-

We discovered a  formula that is based on manually stimulating regulation of the nerve system by activating ‘distal neuro reflex areas’. Stimulating these neuro reflex areas initiates a powerful central control over localized disturbed areas.

We have been using this method for decades and it works on any type of pain 90% of the cases.


We use a gentle manual technique to stimulate the connection between the brain and the nerve pathways within the problem area,for best pain control over neuropathy and chronic pain.


This gentle manual stimulation is applied to a special area in the body that will strengthen brain connection to the dysfunctional body part to control local neurological dysfunctions causing pain, neuropathy and any type of pain.


This has a regulatory effect by bringing the normality to the neurological symptoms like pain of any type or severity, neuropathy, numbness, weakness, burning feeling etc....

This manual technique is not painful, yet very powerful and will bring results 90% of the time.


The gentle manual techniques can be further described as a combination of movements similar to Bowen therapy and principles based on acupuncture. 


We don’t use any injections or pharmaceutical medication.


We discovered that there are several special areas on the body that we call the ‘main switches’ that can stimulate the brain-nerve connection to the problem area to re-set or correct the ‘glitches’ in the nerve pathways leading to the particular problem area. By activating these ‘switches’ the symptoms such as any type of pain, numbness, weakness, burning sensation, lack of function etc. are eliminated or reduced. 


It is very common for symptoms (pain, numbness, weakness, burning feeling etc....) to persist after surgery, post fractures, injuries, and we can regulate those symptoms usually between 6 to 8 visits and it will last for years.


Our understanding is that, if you don’t re-set the nerve pathways within the troubled area, pain, numbness, or weakness will still be present. If the underlying foundation for the chronic pain are not treated objectively the condition will not change.


We have good results also with non-specific problems that the medical doctors can not find a specific diagnosis for the problem.


We believe the brain has an incredible power of regulation all over the body and with the correct stimulation, regulation and re-setting of the different glitches in the nerve pathway that is disturbed can occur. 


Our main goal is to re-set the nerve pathways affecting the problem areas to regulate any type of pain, numbness, weakness etc. For rehabilitation exercises and other mechanical support you need to follow up with occupational therapists or physiotherapists.


Developing our therapy-

We have a special love for understanding the sophisticated neurological ability to control and regulate systems within the body. We have been studying and researching pain control involving nerve disturbances within the upper and lower extremities problems clinical work for over 33 years and have treated thousands of difficult cases with great success. Doesn't matter if you have the problem for 3 months or 40 years , your nerve system has the power to regulate /control the pain (disturbance). Once you understand , and realize, there is a neurological memory withing the chronic pain area, that can be re-programmed to the normal nerve function, you will be able to control any type of pain in very short visits. 


We understand that the body has an amazing ‘innate intelligence’ and that we can use specialized techniques to stimulate the full response of this ‘innate intelligence’ that will in turn bring the highest and fastest results.


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