Powerful method using a combination of manual therapy, bowen therapy, acupuncture and our SWITCH method for all types of chronic pain.
Lasting results for any chronic pain condition.

What type of pain do you have most experience treating?

We have great success with any type of pain, peripheral neuropathy, once you understand how nerves really works, you can control at least 90% of any type of case with pain, post surgical, endometriosis, neuropathy, pelvic pain, adhesions, injuries, neuropathy from chemotherapy, radiation, post cancer surgeries etc... We are very successful in pain ranging from 3 months to 50+ years, where no other therapy including injections, and pain medication had any results. We can get results in 8 treatments or less.


Orthopaedic problems (back, neck, joints) FAQs


1. How long does it take to have results?

We have a protocol of 6 to 8 treatments, where you can have results even on the first or second visit, but if you don’t experience any improvement in 2 treatments we will discontinue the therapy.


Our main goal is to re-set the nerve pathways affecting the problem areas to regulate pain,peripheral neuropathy, numbness, weakness etc. For rehabilitation exercises and other mechanical support you need to follow up with occupational therapists or physiotherapists.


2. What do we treat?

We specialise in chronic or acute cases of any type of pain,  Neuropathy, numbness, weakness, burning sensations, associated with any type of condition involving nerve disturbances. Conditions we treat

3. What types of results I am expected to get?

In 90% of cases we will get good results between 6 to 8 visits but 10% of the cases will not respond to our approach. By the second treatment we can detect if you are in the 10% of cases that does not respond.


4. How long do the treatment results last?

In our experience is that once the nerve pathway is re-set results will last a long time (years), unless the area is extremely stressed, such as re-injuring the area. 


5. How does your technique work?

The technique we use has a regulatory action that re-sets the nerve system glitches that causes neuropathy, pain, numbness, weakness, etc that happen from injuries or traumas such as post surgical traumas. This approach lays the foundation for a better rehabilitation for normal function, movement, range of motion.


We believe that the brain has an amazing ability to re-wire, repair,regulate,control and we found a way to tap into this brain connection to the nerves and regulate it to a normal function. Neuroscience is always referring to the brain neuroplasticity as a form of regulation capability that is always available to us. This process neuroplasticity is available by the brain at all times, but Medicine these days doesn't tap into this process, from lack of neurological understanding on how to engage or connect within this process. You can't expect to engage this intelligent process with an approach in which will block, numb, cut, burn, medicate the nerve. And that is a reason why doesn't work majority of times. Neuropathy needs nerve regulation.


6. What happens on the first treatment?

There will be a short consultation followed by an evaluation of your condition and then we will do the first treatment.


7. Is there any bad reaction from the treatment?

No, the technique application is very gentle. The essence of this therapy is to engage the neurological ability of the system to regulate and re-set the neuro glitches that causes pain, numbness etc..



Endometriosis FAQs


1. How long is the Program?
The initial protocol involves 8 treatments and the rest of the program is done at your home by following the prescribed methods.
2. Will the results last?
Yes it should. we will done do the main re-setting of the pelvic area so you can be pain free, but you need to support he pelvic functioning by still taking the herbal formulas and following the diet as best as you can. If you don't follow those aspects of the protocol the results could be jeopardised.
3. Are all the pelvic pain problems treated the same?
No. The amount of treatment will be the same but the herbal formulas or products to regulate hormones might not be necessary. Some of the pelvic problems are just neurological/nerve related, without a more physiological background.
4. Do I have to take the herbal formulas or follow the diet for Endometriosis?
Yes, if you want to be pain free you will need to change the neurological, physiological and hormonal aspect of the problem. The herbal formulas have no taste and the diet is not too complicated.
If you expect to feel pain free without getting involved by making changes to support our corrective treatments then you are leaving a door open for temporary results.
5. Could I have a relapse a months later after your program?
Yes, you can, but if you follow our prescriptions for home work support the chances are minimal. But in case it happens it should take around 2 treatments and the area should be stabilized again.
6. Are there any side effects?
No. The nature of the treatments is regulatory and natural without forcing the system into any negative direction.
7. When can I see some results?
You should be able to experience some nice changes right into your first cycle during ovulation or menses. But the more stable and best changes will come as we approach the last visit, taking into consideration you are following the program of herbs and diet. 
8. Is the treatment painful?
No, it is all done in a gentle way. Sometimes we use acupuncture, bowen therapy, naturopathy, remedial massage (manual therapy) in conjunction.
9. Does my private health insurance accept these treatments for me to get a rebate?
We are registered with the health funds for Acupuncture, Bowen therapy and Naturopathy. It depends on your policy what is included. 

Cancer pain

Do your treatments have good results for cancer pain, tumour pain or post cancer pain?

The principle is the same, regulating the nerve system in the area of pain, we will know if works or not, usually in the first 2 visits. If it doesn't work in the initial visits, we will stop the treatments. Works in 90% of the cases. The treatment is all natural based. We also treat neuropathy caused from chemo or radiation therapy.


We see clients from all over the Sunshine Coast and are close to Maroochydore, Buderim, Bli Bli, Twin Waters, Coolum, Marcoola, Mudjimba, Peregian Beach, Noosa and Kawana.