Endometriosis is a chronic pain condition. 

Our treatment is successful in 90% of Endometriosis cases. Our protocol is short and takes up to just 8 visits to control pain. 


How to treat chronic pain is generally a mystery to doctors and other practitioners. Why? Several reasons including not treating the root cause of the pain. The most significant reason we have discovered is because the nervous system is not regulated. If the nervous system is not regulated then the pain sensation simply continues. Nerves are the 'messengers' of the pain sensation. Nerve pain anywhere in the body can be regulated in the majority of cases.



Why do some women with endometriosis NOT experience pain?

A lot of research was done in the field of endometriosis with adhesions from surgeries and tissue growth and they found out that a certain percentage of women with these problems didn't have any pain.

We have been doing our own research for decades based on this fact, to understand the reason why some women with endometriosis didn't have any pain. We found that a lack of neurological regulation to be the core of the pain condition.


It is our professional opinion that nerves can be successfully reprogrammed or regulated based on our extensive clinical practice on Pain Control.



The Foundation of Our Approach. This involves 3 levels.

Level 1- Pain control methods to re-program the neurological environment of the pelvic area using manual techniques, acupuncture or dry needling.

Level 2- Restoring the gynecological organ physiology to normal using herbal formulas based on each individual case.

Level 3- Balancing of the hormones through diet and specific herbs or extracts.


If only Level 1 is done then the neurological system may not be completely stabilized and results may be temporary. Level 2 is to get a deeper level of regulation and stabilization of the nerves. For the best possible outcome all three levels should be done.



What is involved in the for Endometriosis Pain Control Therapy Program


Initial Consultation. We will-

  • Go over your medical history and symptoms
  • Explain the reason for pain and the mechanism involved
  • Explain the whole treatment protocol
  • Explain the methods we use and how they will benefit your condition
  • Take photos of your eyes to analyse the various organs/systems of your body (Iridology/Sclerology)

Second Consultation. This is a Naturopathic Consultation. We will-

  • Go over findings from your eye analysis
  • Choose a herbal program based on your individual case to support the pelvic organs
  • Go over the diet program that is the most beneficial for endometriosis


The Endometriosis treatment Level 1. This involves 2 phases.

Phase 1- 4 treatments will be done before the start of the next menstrual cycle. We will re-evaluate the progress post-menses and decide if you are in the 90% group that treatment can be successful. If you are in the small percentage that does not respond to therapy we will not continue with the treatments and we will refund you the fees for the prior 4 treatments. You will also have the choice if you want to continue or not. 


Phase 2- 4 treatments will be done before the start of the following menstrual cycle. You may have chosen to start the herbs and diet also to balance the hormones. After the 8 treatments are finished you need to avoid triggers that can agravate the area, for example- wrong foods, stress etc.


As you progress you should be able to notice a healthier pelvic function. You should continue following the diet and taking herbs (if necessary) for continued support of the pelvic organs. The herbal protocol may change, decreased or be discontinued based on how stable your pelvic area is.


Our Goal is-

to control pain by regulating the nerves of the pelvic area, normalize the physiology of pelvic organs and balance the hormones.

But the success of the Program depends on both you and us. We will re-set the patterns in the pelvic area but you need to do your part by following the diet recommendations, taking herbs if necessary and changing any contributing lifestyle factors. 


Make the commitment and your life will change. 


Want to learn more about what Endometriosis is? http://www.endometriosisaustralia.org/